Hilton’s pie heaven

IT was fascinating but hungry work touring the south metro recycling centre, so a de-brief at  Hilltop Coffee in Hilton was most welcome.

Our band of eco-warriors grabbed two kombuchas and a Nek mint beer ($5.90) to slake our thirst.

The non-alcoholic beer from Gingin was wonderfully refreshing, and when poured over ice there was enough to share.

Hilltop’s mongrel pies ($8.50) were also big enough to share – but our camaraderie didn’t extend that far.


A couple of us went for the veggie version: “I really like the chunky vegetables and the sunflower seeds give it a nutty crunch,” Brigitte said.

Peter hoed into a lamb pie: “It’s really delicious with large chunks of very lean meat and a tasty gravy…and the drinks are a real find,” he declared.

“I’ll ditto what he said,” piped up Rachel, who’s not much taller than the massive pie she was eating.

The other Peter thought the pastry on his chicken pie was excellent and the filling “generous, and delicious”, while wife Heather tucked into a mushroom quiche ($8.50) with glee.

We’d all opted to have a sprout salad ($3) and a generous dollop of tomato relish ($2.20) with our meals.


Most loved the sharpness of the relish, and I thought the salad with spicy sauerkraut and crunchy mung bean sprouts was fresh and crisp.

Kitty enjoyed her zucchini slice ($8.50) but reckoned it was a bit sweet (bear in mind she’s Dutch and adores raw herring).   

The cafe closes at 1pm most days, but a phone call announcing a party of seven saw the opening hours cheerfully extended.

Located on the corner of Paget and South Streets, and tucked behind shops and a medical centre, this small cafe isn’t easy to spot, but well worth the effort.

Over February and March there are Friday night happenings, with live music and art exhibitions.


Hilltop Coffee
279 South Street, Hilton
Mon–Sat brekkie and (early) lunch
0490 903 000 

One response to “Hilton’s pie heaven

  1. Wow I want to go there with you guys. You know how to enjoy yourselves.
    Best coffee to go with your pies !

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