Letters 23.2.19

A DEJA vu moment reading the Thinking AllowedEbbs and Flows” (Herald, February 9, 2019) on the new threat to the Leighton coast.
As a teenager my parents were involved in the fight to save Leighton and I went along with them to rallies and meetings, fundraisers and festivals–under the Leighton Action Coalition banner–in the protracted fight to save Leighton’s coast from inappropriate development.
Now my parents are pulling out their old “Save Leighton” beach towels and t-shirts and gearing up for a new fight to get the McGowan government make good on their 20-year promise for parkland at the old railway marshalling yards, and to save Port Beach from development at the site of the old Caltex oil tanks.
This is a one-off chance to save this iconic part of the coast for generations to come. When I swim and walk the dogs at Leighton, I imagine a fantastic park with a wide foreshore with amenities for picnics and music, cycleways, shady trees and good parking along a safe, realigned coastal road.
Check out the website http://www.saveleighton.org and support Leighton Action Coalition in this new push for action.
Nick Dobson
Davies Road, Claremont

Sacrosanct sands
IT was great to read in the Herald that Leighton Action Coalition are still leading the fight for the best outcomes for our beloved beaches.
About 20 years ago at Leighton beach I tossed my towel in the air along with thousands of others doing the “Leighton Wave” to protest the land grab being attempted by developers.
Rather than residential development taking over the foredunes we now have a good mix of beach, public space and development.
We are all still waiting for the park and public open space that was promised two decades ago–are you listening Mark McGowan?
Our beaches are precious and irreplaceable; they’re not making any new ones and with climate change it’s vital that any future development is set back far enough from the ocean.
As well as waiting for the park, I’m watching what’s happening with the land just behind Port Beach, recently vacated by fuel companies.
What’s on the agenda for this prime real estate? I imagine developers are very interested.
I want appropriate development around our beaches, not just for me but for my children and grandchildren.
Margi Hoogland
Amherst Street, Fremantle

Pettitt’s Picasso
DON’T build the new council offices/poor man’s Louvre.
We don’t need it now – the council people are in the oval offices where they belong.
If we can do without them in Kings Square for a few years we can do without them there for ever.
When we walk around Freo and see all the homeless misery, this must be the ultimate F… You.
Let’s sit on the cash, or undrawn liquidity, and see how it goes for a while.
Wayne Williams
Malcolm Street, Fremantle

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