Old school charm

ARTIFICIAL intelligence will soon make it possible for even the most artistically challenged photographer to produce professional images, claim the experts at webzine Digitalrev.

It sounds like utopia for Instagrammers, but in reality it’ll take a bit more than a micro-processor to produce a truly great photo.

Amateur snapper Glenda Gore says a great way for people to improve their photography is to join her at the Melville Photography Club.

The club has been around more than 50 years–about as long as digital photography–and meets twice a month.

Once for members to put their latest shots up for a competitive exhibition and the second for workshops.

Ms Gore, who’s secretary, says both have helped her win two major awards in the club’s annual public exhibition.

“With the judging, the value from that critique is invaluable,” she says.

“And the judges share stories of their current work, so you also get incredible insight.

“The workshops can be on topics such as techniques, papers or portraiture.”

Ms Gore says the workshops are run by a mix of visiting experts and members with their own specialities.

“Barry Richards, who’s our outgoing president, is a judge with the WA Photographic Federation, so if you want to enter the Royal Show or one of the national prizes, his workshop would be invaluable.

“Mick Dixon does a lot of steam punk photography.

“For $50 a year you get great value,” she says, noting that will barely get you a single Tafe course let along a year’s worth.

Ms Gore says there’s about 50 members in the club, who also get together for outings and field trips.

They meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at the RSL Hall at 98 Kintail Road in Applecross.


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