Roostered roofer

A SCAMMER who targeted a Fremantle retiree this week got more than he bargained for when she chased him off brandishing last week’s edition of the Herald.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, was approached by the dodgy tradie claiming he’d noticed some broken tiles on her roof and offering to repair them on the spot if she’d pay cash.

She agreed and offered half the money up-front, then went inside for a cuppa and a catch-up of the Chook while he beavered away above.

But she became alarmed when she came across our story about another Freo resident who’d stepped in to save her elderly parents from being ripped off a week ago (“Roof scam foiled,” Herald, 2019).

Realising she’d fallen for the same patter, the woman confronted the scammer with the story, demanding to know if it was him and telling him she’d just called the police.

With that, he was down his ladder like a window cleaner with diarrhoea and off into the sunset.


But in his haste, the scammer left a few tools up on the roof, which the police are hoping will prove incriminating.

Consumer Protection WA issued a “desperate plea” for help to track down the scammers, after an 81-year-old Hamilton Hill woman was also conned this week.

The woman was told her roof needed urgent repairs and painting, and she was quoted $3000.

But the scammers came back during the job to tell her they’d discovered asbestos sheeting that would need replacing and she’d need to pay an extra $4500, which she also stumped-up.

Consumer Protection says the small amount of work they carried out was sub-standard.

The scammers have all been men, with either Irish, Scottish or English accents.

The Hamilton Hill resident reported that they’d been driving a red SUV and gave an invoice under the unregistered business name Best Choice Home Improvements and with a false ABN.

Murdoch police senior sergeant Stephen Castledine asked for anyone with CCTV footage to contact police, even if they didn’t get any work done.

“Descriptions of the men and their vehicles, as well as licence plate numbers would assist us greatly in locating them,” Snr Sgt Castledine said.


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