PFL lives on in Budget

AND you thought the Perth Freight Link was dead.

Well, no one told Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who left $1.2 billion for that contentious strip of asphalt in this week’s Budget – just in case there’s a coup in WA.

That the PFL survived was great news for Tangney Liberal MP Ben Morton, who trumpeted the budget as a reward for hard-working Australians.

“This Budget sets Australia and our community up for a brighter future, with lower taxes, better roads and rail and record funding for our local schools and hospitals,” Mr Morton said.

“The $100 billion infrastructure plan will cut travel times by investing in congestion-busting road and rail projects.

“Roe 8 and 9 gets trucks and cars off local roads.

“It’s a critical missing link in Perth’s long-planned highway system.”

Mental health

Mr Morton said mental health funding would be boosted by $730m, while $150m to expand the number of Medicare-funded MRI scanners would allow Fiona Stanley Hospital to make the service available to more people.

“The Budget delivers the largest tax cuts since the Howard government; 94 per cent of taxpayers will have a personal marginal tax rate of no more than 30 per cent,” Mr Morton said.

But Fremantle Labor MP Josh Wilson described the budget as “empty” with ineffective ideas and “harmful blind-spots”.

“It is clearly a campaign budget that seeks to gull people on low and fixed incomes with a pathetic $75 one-off payment that will be gone in a blink, yet energy costs and carbon emissions continue to rise,” Mr Wilson said.

He said a Shorten government would reverse cuts to penalty rates, aim for 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and target multinationals for tax. Labor would also return urgent care to Fremantle Hospital with a $5m clinic to deal with urgent, but non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.


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