You can’t beat it

THE D’Angers pass Thai eatery San Zaab on the way home from our carnival drumming practice, so dropping in for a bite to eat was inevitable.

Healthier than the fish and chips we had been grabbing, the Beaconsfield eatery has become a regular haunt.

It’s had a make-over since its days as the Taste of Spice, and the small interior is fresh and minimalist, with a scattering of tables for those wanting to dine in.

We usually grab a pad thai ($10.90) and spring rolls ($5.90), but if we’re really hungry we’ll add a stir fried cashew nuts ($15.90).

We’ve also tried the fried rice ($12.90) and we’re impressed with this simple Asian staple.

San Zaab’s takeaway is so good we decided to share some with my brother and his wife who came over for dinner.

We kicked off with curry puffs ($6.90) and spring rolls.

A particularly rich, crisp and very short pastry added an interesting depth to the spicy vegetable puffs, and as always the spring rolls were excellent.

My carnivorous brother went all cave-man with a massaman beef curry ($15.90).

“Really good and very tender,” he said while beating his hairy chest in gastronomic delight. My lovely sister-in-law Sally has had a pad thai addiction since a trip to Thailand last year, and San Zaab’s delivered, with just the right amount of oily sauce sticking to the noodles, plenty of crisp vegetables and a truck load of flavour.

The D’Anger’s contribution to the feast was cashew nut noodles ($10.90) and a tofu green curry ($15.90). It was the first time we’d tried the eatery’s green curry and we weren’t disappointed–the rich coconut sauce was packed with flavour.

The cashew nut noodles were wonderfully oily with just enough chilli to set tongues glowing.


San Zaab Thai Takeaway
115 Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield

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