Soul food

• People share recipes and memories at a “Cooking from home” workshop. Photo supplied

ADIVERSE bunch of expats will share their culinary memories and recipes at the “Cooking from home” workshops.

Over four cooking workshops, nine residents from culturally diverse backgrounds will make their favourite dishes and tell the personal stories behind them.

At the end of the workshops, funded by Fremantle council, the cosmopolitan creations will be served to the public at three informal, long-table dinners at the Fremantle PCYC.

“The community dinners are going to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other and see that Fremantle is a lot more multicultural than you think,” project facilitator Maureen Maher says.

“We have Indonesian, Chinese, Fijian Indian, Lebanese, Italian, Brazilian, Welsh, Turkish and English people all participating in the project.”

Project organiser Helena Cohen-Robertson says that cooking comes from a special time and place.

“It’s a sense of being able to celebrate and share each others homeland because that’s where your heart is–your cooking from your heart.

“We’re using the dinner plate to tell stories.”

Francesca Cardoni, a Cooking from Home participant, emigrated from a village in Rome with her three kids to Australia almost 10 years ago.

In the first workshop she taught everyone tiramisu, a dish she’d learnt whilst living in student accommodation in Paris.

Ms Cordoso shocked her Italian friends when she told them she’d never been taught how to make the Italian staple.

“Everyone has the secret to tiramisu,” she laughs. “Everyone says that their tiramisu is the best.”

Ms Cordoso’s next course is gnocchi; a dish that brings back memories from her childhood.

“Every time grandma came to visit she’d make gnocchi. She’d make such a big mess of the kitchen; she was very disorganised.

“There’d be flour everywhere, she’d pick up the phone with flour hands. It used to really annoy my mother.”

If you’d like to try Ms Cordoso’s tiramisu or other cosmopolitan dishes, the long-table dinners will be held on May 9 and 29, and June 20.

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