Still hanging in

• Nikki Gheysen says her trapeze school has become “collateral damage” in the debate over the Alfred Cove wave park. Photo by Steve Grant.

THE operator of a trapeze school in Alfred Cove has hit out at Melville mayor Russell Aubrey after he told wave park supporters her micro-business “no longer functions”.

At a recent protest at Tompkins Park the mayor urged surf enthusiasts to keep lobbying the state government to overturn its opposition to the wave park, which has effectively killed the project off.

“One thousand, four hundred square metres of that land is already sectioned off and you would see it as part of the bowling club; their redundant bowling greens and the trapeze school which no longer functions,” Mr Aubrey said in his speech.

But Nikki Gheysen says her business Flying Trapeze Perth is still operating two to three days a week under a sub-lease from the bowling club.

Ms Gheysen says in an effort to devalue the land, the mayor had potentially damaged her business.

“It seems my business is collateral damage in the grand scheme of things and this comment made publicly was the last straw,” she said.

Ms Gheysen said she met Mr Aubrey in 2016 to discuss alternative sites, and he’d been “super-accommodating and really helpful”.

“He knew we were still here,” she said.

Mr Aubrey put a different spin on his comments this week, saying he meant the area where the trapeze operated no longer functioned as bowling greens and was not publicly accessible.

“I am pleased to hear the trapeze school is operating well, and as with every small local business in the city of Melville I encourage the community to buy local and try the thrill of flying trapeze.”


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