Infill to inspire

COUNCILS are often more willing to accept sensitive infill than people give them credit for, says sustainability guru Chris Ferreira.

The Hamilton Hill resident, who founded and runs The Forever Project, will be putting his theory to the test soon as he seeks permission from Cockburn council to build two new apartments on his property.

While that mightn’t seem too challenging at first glance, it will result in four homes, and he’s planning to have 40 trees, a vege patch and a brood of chickens to boot.

“It seems all the rage to take a perfectly good old home, its wonderful big trees and garden, flatten it, cart the tangled mess off to the tip and replace it with a crowded clutch of amorphous grey boxes,” Mr Ferreira said.

“But behind the gloss of the sales pitch there are some pretty ugly truths.

“Not only do we lose the essence and beauty of where we live, tree by tree, brick by brick, but without gardens we know kids suffer, spending more time indoors, locked to screens, and all the research shows that this can significantly impair their early development.

Mr Ferreira will be working with town planners, architects, builders and sustainability experts to document the process so others can follow.

While he acknowledges there’s grumbling leaf-haters out there, he doubts they’ll be attracted to a development like his so there’s unlikely to be pressure from within to reduce the greenery.

Cockburn council has thrown its support behind his project, with mayor Logan Howlett saying he often grimaces at suburban infill.

Mr Ferreira will be holding an open day at his 11 Mortlock Street home tomorrow (Sunday May 19) from 10am-4pm to show people how he’s transformed his fibro hotbox into a sustainability masterpiece and also explain his new infill project.


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