Developers hit for cash in Melville

BIG developers may soon have to cough up a bit more to help provide community amenities in Melville.

Last week councillor Matthew Woodall successfully moved for the council to support a developer contribution plan to be applied to the city’s activity centres such as Murdoch and Riseley Street.

Cockburn council has had a similar scheme since 2009 and Cr Woodall noted it had made big-ticket amenities such as Cockburn Arc possible.

“In the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan it was always envisaged that there would be a developer contribution plan, but that hasn’t happened yet,” Cr Woodall said.

“With Murdoch going ahead, as well as Booragoon and Riseley Street it makes sense to get a contribution from developers towards community infrastructure such as open space, transport, trees or cycling.”

Cr Woodall said the council had previously looked at the idea, but it hadn’t gone ahead with some arguing it was only suitable for “brown field developments” being opened up in recently cleared areas.

But he says the  Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has recently imposed one over Scarborough.

“The similarities between the Scarborough area and the City of Melville’s activity centres, particularly Canning Bridge, are readily apparent,” Cr Barling said.

CEO Marten Tieleman has been asked to put together a presentation on other councils’ developer contribution plans before the end of July and seek a WA Planning Commission member to speak.


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