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T-SHIRTS emblazoned with the iconic red dingo were originally designed and sold by South Fremantle store Mokoh.

The business is owned by Andy and Trudy Baker, who met at university and hail from Bath in the UK.

They immigrated to Australia with their young children Molly and Koh in 2004, and Mokoh design was launched shortly afterwards.

Andy is the practical side of the business, bringing Trudy’s artistic ideas and eye for detail to life.

“Trudy has retail and gallery experience, I’ve always worked in design and printing,” he says.

The shop sells a uniquely West Australian range of placemats, coasters, tea towels, stationary, fridge magnets, post cards and posters. Along with the dingo merchandise, they sell funky t-shirts, sweatshirts and tea towels with prints of local archetypes like the giant cranes at the wharf.


Mokoh Design
250 South Terrace, South Fremantle
open Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

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