Moore please

PLEASE sir, I want some Moore and Moore,” I thought as I ate the last of my delicious lunch.

Moore & Moore Cafe on Henry Street has stood the test of time in a very fickle field, notching up 11 years in the port city.

It was the first eatery to make use of unused spaces in heritage- listed buildings around Freo, setting up shop in the 150-year-old horse and cart passageway beside Moores Art Gallery.

When the idea was floated for a cafe, Fremantle council insisted on something quirky and not a boring chain, and Moore & Moore certainly delivers.

On a cold day the garden setting was pumping with gas heaters and customers; some wrapped in crotchet rugs that were surely nicked from co-owner Simon Nabor’s gran.

The D’Angers braved the elements, taking refuge beside an old limestone wall that reflected the winter sun.

“What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?”

“Hello me.”

So it was cheesy hello to a haloumi burger ($18) for me.

From the first bite I could see why the haloumi was looking in the mirror–it was gorgeous.

Paired with roast capsicum and a house-made tomato chutney and tahini yoghurt, it was the best I’ve had.

D’Angerous Dave might have ordered a burger if it came with chips, but Moore & Moore is on a mission to provide fresh, healthy seasonal food, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

So he ended up going for the mushrooms ($19.50).

“It’s nice and fresh, very fieldy, and the poached eggs were done really well, just the right consistency,” he said.

We finished lunch with a pot of freshly cut lemon grass and ginger tea, and a passionfruit cheese cake, and a vegan lemon cake ($8.50 each). The cakes came with a non-dairy, whipped coconut cream.

Moore & Moore
46 Henry Street, Fremantle
open 7 days, 7am-3pm

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