Glittering sales

FOLLOWING an horrendous head-on crash in 2015, occupational therapy assistant Belle MacColl was hospitalised for months and told she’d never work again.

But doctors underestimated the irrepressible and bubbly Hamilton Hill local.

Four years on her tattoo parlour, Born to Sparkle, is thriving and she employs 10 staff.

Ms MacColl suffered from depression after her release from hospital, and it was her daughter Miley who came up with the idea for the tattoo business.

“My daughter said ‘Why don’t you make people happy anymore?’.”

Ms MacColl focused on healing a day at a time and with the support and inspiration of Miley she decided to start her own business.

She’d previously done face painting and with the encouragement of her friend Mark Redenbach, who is now her partner, Ms MacColl turned her talents to temporary, glittering tattoos.

“I researched and saw it was big in the US, and thought it would be big here.”

You’ll find her sparkling tattoos at a number of shows, festivals, corporate events, and markets including the Perth Makers Markets.

The company boasts more than 200 designs by Mr Redenbach, aka Mr Sparkles, who is an engineer.

“And we have worked with Aboriginal elders to make NAIDOC glitter tattoos,” Ms MacColl says.

Born to Sparkle was a finalist in this year’s What’s On 4 Kids, which recognises excellence in Australian businesses.

In line with the company motto “everyone deserves a bit of sparkle in their life”, goods and services are donated to a number of grassroots organisations, including the Fremantle PCYC and HBF Run for a Reason.

“My motivation for starting Born to Sparkle was a desire to continue spreading joy and happiness in a new-found way. I wanted to give back to the community that helped me through my time in need,” Ms MacColl says.
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One response to “Glittering sales

  1. Thanks for sharing our story, I truly Blessed to be given this opportunity, and love that I get to make people sparkle

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