Letters 20.7.19

WANDJOO Wandjoo/ Wandju Wandju.  That’s Welcome in Noongar, as I was taught this week with the wonderful events to celebrate Naidoc.
Folks, here is a great suggestion for the jaded kids. They can learn their own Noongar words at the Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Captains Lane, Fremantle. Give you a break and them an insight into our First Nations People.
Suzanne John
High Street, Fremantle

Mojos more vital than ever
I WAS appalled at the recent front-page article “Saving a city’s mojo” (Herald, July 6, 2019)  outlining how Mojos Bar in North Fremantle was in danger of closing as a result of noise complaints from a neighbour who had recently moved into the area.
As the article indicated, in other places such as Northbridge, legislation is in place to ensure that people moving into areas adjacent to entertainment precincts are cognisant of the venues and there is an expectation to accept the status quo.
However, the article did not mention that since its establishment, Mojos has been a venue that has nurtured fledgling local and interstate talent;  many of our finest musicians would pay tribute to this venue as the launching pad for their careers.
With the reduction of live music venues in Fremantle, the role of Mojos assumes even greater significance.
It also plays a significant role in the developing vibrancy of Queen Street, not only in providing employment opportunities to the many staff involved in all aspects of operations, but also in terms of the patrons of Mojos supporting the local retail/food outlets.
As a matter of urgency, the Fremantle city council should address this matter in consultation with the WA government and introduce appropriate legislation to prohibit such protestations.
Put simply, it seems obvious that this new resident had to be aware of the neighbourhood they were buying into!
Lindsay Lovering
North Fremantle

Swing and a miss
WELL it’s not only FERN facing the chop from Fremantle council.
The Fremantle public golf course is also threatened with the loss of two holes to the High Street upgrade and roadworks.
This public golf course has nine holes with narrow, closely-spaced fairways, all lined with mature trees, a driving range, car park and a clubhouse.
MRWA and Fremantle council are supposedly working together to recreate this.
Alongside the golf course is Booyeembara Park which has a very large area.
MRWA suggested using a portion of it to replace the land taken for the roadworks.
But Fremantle council seems to believe it can squeeze a new course into a much smaller area, and not use any park land.
We want a golf course that is not smaller than it is now.
There are not a lot of public golf courses: they are valuable assets as they provide great benefits to their users – mental, physical and social – at a relatively low cost.
We are asking for the replacement of land that is being taken.
Helen Cariss
Durdham Cres, Bicton

Chop ‘em
INTERESTING article by Colin Nichol in your Thinking Allowed spot on fig trees (“Who gives a fig?” Herald, July 6, 2019).
But as anyone who lives under or beside these monsters will tell you, they are dreadful.
They shed leaves – not small leaves but giant leaves from December right through to April, then when the leaves stop falling the fruit starts falling for another two months.
Ficus are also an eastern states tree, so they do not provide any food or shelter to native fauna.
You will see rainbow lorikeets – another eastern states intruder – feeding on them, but no WA birds.
As someone who has had to live under them in Palmyra for the last 25 years, me and my neighbours are of the firm belief that the only good ficus tree is a dead one.
Jim Leslie

It’s a desert
WHY is it that Garden City Shopping Centre has been mismanaged to the point of boredom?
Ten years ago we were told of an exciting development that would establish GCSC as one of ‘the’ shopping destinations in the state.
The centre has been left derelict and the shopping experience monotonous and sad really.
It’s been so neglected, I ask where and what are the management doing?
It is the most boring and painstaking place to shop!
Last Christmas my children and I read the illuminated signs “Garden City Shopping Centre open late for Christmas trade”… only to find all but Kmart and the two supermarkets closed!
I asked the help desk why are the stores not open? Kmart is, they said.
Please for the love of God, renovate Garden City Shopping Centre so we don’t have to travel to Carousel or Rockingham for an enjoyable and stimulating shopping experience.
Or just close it.
Megan Green
via email
The Ed says: Well, as you can see from our front page, Megan, the big expansion is off for now. Perhaps time for a new plan, AMP Capital?

I REFER to your comment appended to my letter you kindly published in the July 13 edition of the Herald (“What a racket”).
Your statements supporting Mojos Bar are illogical, as is their claim for tolerance from their neighbours!
Why is it “fair enough” for a resident to be expected to take responsibility for the noise pollution emanating from a venue when there is no logical reason whatsoever for that pollutant to be allowed to escape from the venue’s property when the night life and “entertainment” to which the patrons are attracted is within the premises.
I doubt very much that you would hold the same view if the pollutant was a toxic substance, or a foul smell – or if the polluting venue was your next door neighbour!
The fact that the operator has spent a small fortune is irrelevant – that’s the cost of doing business and NOT upsetting the neighbours, and ought to have been considered before moving into the area. Oh, the irony!!
Colin Delane
Anscombe Loop, Leeming

The trains are running backwards
TRANSPERTH has announced new train timetables for the Fremantle and Midland trains which will effectively make every journey longer.
The current “express” (skip stop morning and afternoon peak hour services) will be discontinued from July 21.
The current peak hour trains which run every 10 minutes take 24 minutes to travel from Fremantle to Perth.
Under the new timetable, the journey will be 30 minutes – six minutes longer than at present!
Off peak trains will also be slower by two minutes.
So, the new timetable will still have a peak hours train every 10 minutes, but take longer for the journey!
Is slowing the services down an improvement for the travelling public?
Hopefully you can get some answers to this from the PTA.
Kevin Pearce

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