Raid plan off the planet

THOUSANDS of Facebookers are conspiring to raid the South Freo power station en masse on August 17.

The Facebook event “Storm the Fremantle Powerstation, They Can’t Stop Us All” is based on the spoof “Storm Area 51” raid planned for September 20.

Several million people claim they’re going to storm the secure US Air Force base in Nevada to “see them aliens”.

They reckon if they “Naruto Run” like the Japanese cartoon character (head first, arms trailing behind to lower wind resistance) they should be able to outrun the guards’ bullets.

The US Air Force advised against the raid saying they would “protect” their “assets”.

The old South Freo power station has been locked down with tight security since 2016 when an urban explorer fell to his death climbing there.

UrbExers occasionally enquire in online communities if it’s safe to go there now, only to be told there’s still security on-site around the clock.

But seven co-conspirators who started the local Storm event reckon numbers will be able to overwhelm the patrols.

Raid leader Joshua Couch laid out their plan: “We split into five different teams to coordinate our attack”.

He’s figured out a far more nuanced operation than the Yanks’ “just run at them” plan.

• The planned “raid” on South Fremantle Power Station.

Camo dudes

Raiders will be split up between “camo dudes” who approach via bushland, “parkour champions” who clamber up the water outlet, “scuba divers” who approach by sea, “fence cutters” who infiltrate the southern wire, and drone operators who coordinate their efforts.

“Once in the complex we must scream very loudly to alert authorities that we have completed our mission,” field marshal Couch explained.

The plan then is to hook up 100 portable speakers and blast Christian screamo music “while having a rave to piss off all the fucking evil spirits in there.

“Remember to bring your $5000 in case it goes wrong and we get arrested!”

The event was posted July 25 and more than 6000 people said they were interested within the first few hours.


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