Reel music

• Cathi Olivieri added atmosphere to the recent 10 Nights in Port in Fremantle. Photo supplied

THE Montagu family picnicking in the Perth hills in 1954 will be brought to life by Fremantle composer and viola player Cathi Olivieri as part of the Reel to Reel: The Craft Film Festival.

Olivieri provided the soundtrack to the silent home movie Out to Lunch, which depicts mum, dad and kids enjoying home-baked cakes and biscuits spread on a blanket while the billy boils for tea.

The kids catch tadpoles and dad naps under a tree, while captions explain why this is “by far the best way of eating out”.

“The film’s main appeal for me lies in the gentle humour and the beautiful and serene location,” Olivieri says.

“I can imagine one of those very BBC voiceovers while the family make their way down the track…and have tried to capture that jaunty feel in the viola melody at this point.

“This occurred to me because of the slight incongruity of the very formal clothing and tea party-style baked fare set against the wild bush setting…referenced with humour and real affection by the captions comparing the experience favourably to ‘the finest cafes’.”

Screened by Genrefonix with special permission from the State Library and the Montagu family, it’s one of 33 Australian and international short films showing at the craft film festival.

Reel to Reel is on at Camelot Indoor Theatre in Mosman Park on Friday August 9, 6-9.30pm. For tix go to


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