Plastic focus on Sanders’ voyage

• Jon Sanders spoke about his upcoming 11th circumnavigation of the world at the Fremantle Sailing Club last month, where he spends much of his time. Photo by Melanie Betts.

79-YEAR-OLD Jon Sanders is preparing to do his 11th solo circumnavigation of the globe on his yacht Perie Banou II.

During the voyage Sanders will do environmental research for Curtin University, collecting ocean water samples to help them analyse plastic pollution.

The samples will be collected from non-shipping routes that have not been monitored before.

Specially designed filters and equipment will be on board to ensure there is no contamination of the samples, which will be couriered from ports to Perth.

Sanders’ 39ft yacht is currently moored at Royal Perth Yacht Club and the voyage is set to start in October.

He will take an East-West approach mainly through Southern Hemisphere oceans.

Sanders’ first circumnavigation was in 1979 when he depended entirely on a sextant, watch and radio.

“If you can make it to Rottnest, you can make it to Mauritius,” Sanders said.

“The only risk in life is to do nothing”.


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