In hot water

A LUXURY boat owner is in hot water after allegedly switching off his navigation lights and going on a nighttime race up the Swan River last weekend.

The Department of Transport confirmed it is investigating the incident after a number of complaints, some from boat owners whose vessels suffered damage from the huge bow wave that was generated.

A yachtie who moors at Pier 21 in North Fremantle told the Herald the wave was big enough to topple fridges, and he’d heard the damage extended up to the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club in Dalkeith.

“My little yacht was at the back of the pens, and when I went there my mooring line was snapped – and it was a half-inch lay rope,” he told the Herald.

His outboard motor was also pushed up against the side of the pen, suffering some minor scratching, but he said he was relieved because the damage could have been worse. He said word around Pier 21 was that the speeding vessel was a 60-footer travelling in excess of 25 knots, with police able to identify it despite the lack of navigation lights.

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