Parents can’t park the kids with a book

• Hollie’s four-year-old son, Onnie, reads a story to his baby brother Jude.

THE argy-bargy between East Fremantle and Fremantle councils over their shared library service is pricing parents out of a read with their kids, says a local mum.

Last year East Fremantle tried to pull out of an agreement to share costs with Freo, but under pressure from the state library it had a rethink and proposed a new “fee for service” model.


As part of the new deal, free parking vouchers for East Fremantle residents were dropped, meaning they now have to pay for parking or use the free 30-minute bays.

East Fremantle mother-of-three Hollie says half an hour isn’t enough time for people with young kids to visit the library.

“Especially when you factor in getting babies and children in and out of the car, borrowing books and unexpected feeds, changes or trips to the toilet,” she told the Herald.

“While paying for an hour parking may not seem like a lot, it actually disadvantages vulnerable and struggling people who are important to our community, perhaps impacting the elderly and people with mobility issues who are unable to get in and out in 30-minute free parking slots.”

Hollie says the kids rhyme time sessions at the library are a lifesaver on a rainy day, but the free bays don’t provide enough time to attend.

“I bet every stay-at-home parent who has had an energetic toddler trapped inside on a rainy day has thought to themselves a few times; ‘Thank goodness it’s rhyme time day’.

“The library has always provided a free, safe and welcoming place to go in any weather.”


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