Birthday blues for seniors club?

• Betty Seubert, Olive Luck, Judy Harper and other Stock Road Senior Citizen Club members with their 33rd birthday cake. Photo by Steve Grant.

THE Stock Road Senior Citizens Club celebrated the 33rd birthday of its clubrooms last week, but a shadow still hangs over its future.

The clubhouse, on the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway, was packed with many of the club’s 110 members last Friday for cake, music and stories from the archives. Betty Seubert has been coming for the last 31 years.

“I had lost my husband a couple of years before and was at a bit of an odd end, and my friends tried to drag me up here,” Mr Seubert said.

Initially reluctant, she found herself drawn in by activities such as indoor bowls, and she’s now been running the weekly bingo games with Judy Harper for so long their names are as entrenched as Laurel and Hardy.

But Ms Harper, who’s also the club’s long-time treasurer, said they still have a forced relocation looming because of Melville council’s plans to have the site redeveloped as an aged care facility.

A recent reprieve which gives them until next year was welcome, but she wants the council to completely abandon its plans and let them stay.

Pointing to a number of new aged care facilities and others which are expanding, Ms Harper questions whether the city needs another one.

Melville council has said it will rehouse the club and offered a space across the road at LeisureFit Melville, but Ms Harper said the space wasn’t compatible with the club’s needs.


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