Food artistry

CANVAS CAFE caters for all sizes and occasions with numerous dining options in a gorgeous setting.

With fresh pink flowers embellishing each table, we thought it might be a good spot for a birthday party or morning tea, as well as the obvious brunches, early lunches and coffees.

Couched in the delightful grounds of the Fremantle Arts centre, the cafe is certainly not lacking in charm or serenity.

Blackberry compote

My work colleague and myself were having a late breakfast/early lunch, so we settled in the gorgeous garden courtyard under a large marquee.

We started with long blacks ($4), which were smooth and pungent with a nice layer of crema on the surface.

We resisted the powerful temptation to get some cake with our coffees and stuck with our original intention–a late breakfast for my colleague and early lunch for myself.

The menu had a nice variety of dishes and after much deliberation my colleague went for the house waffles ($17), served with a blackberry compote, double cream, crumbled pistachios and a dusting of icing sugar.

“It’s almost too pretty to eat,” she exclaimed as it was placed down in front of her.

The presentation was almost as impressive as some of the artworks on show inside.

I selected the Gado Gado ($20), which was equally as impressive.

There was shavings of carrot, bok choy, cauliflower florets, capsicum, red cabbage, mint leaves, roasted peanuts, broad beans and a thick and flavoursome peanut sauce.

The colourful, effervescent dish looked like it was packed with nutrients.

The servings were large and represented great value for money.

After our meal we enjoyed a delightful walk through the manicured arts centre gardens, glancing up at the historic gothic architecture.


Canvas Cafe
Fremantle Arts centre
1 Finnerty Street
9335 5685

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