LETTERS 14.9.19

Play it again, Sam
I REFER to the article “Cathartic Cut” that appeared in last week’s Herald.
Occasionally, a story comes along that is really worth reading, features great courage and also carries a great message.
The above mentioned article was indeed one of those.
Firstly, I would like to congratulate Sam Kerr-Phillips on his extreme bravery and dogged determination.
To have to fight back from such a tragic event that completely changes your world is a great feat.
Then to chase your dream with such determination and sheer guts is a credit to him.
Secondly, I would also like to ‘tip my hat’ to Lincoln Mackinnon and Mr Kerr-Phillips for having the courage and compassion to assist this young man in achieving his dream.  It just goes to show that when people work together to accomplish a goal, barriers and hardships, no matter how great, can be overcome.
So good luck and all power to you three wonderful people.
By the way, the cat looked pretty handsome too.
Name and address supplied

Feathers flying
I WONDER if anyone has noticed the lack of magpies on Gibson Park this year and the explosion of crows.
I suspect the crows have decimated nests.
They are flying around in groups of 6 to ten and a war is in progress between the crows and the small birds.
Trouble is, the crows are really sneaky and whilst little birds are dive bombing those on fences and roofs, others are raiding the nests.
I have only seen one magpie on the park, where we used to have families of them.
We counted 20 crows in one group on the park recently, and one magpie.
Looking out now, the crows are still out there, with the little birds getting upset and not a magpie in site.
Something has happened to allow the crows to become so numerous.
Coralie Clarke
Forrest Street, Fremantle

PAULA AMARAL’S Thinking Aloud (“Stop the sell-out”, Herald, August 31, 2019) mentions one of the causes for the lack of affordable housing throughout Australia.
That is, public land being sold to private developers.
As those on low incomes struggle with rapacious rents and the number of homeless heads towards the 200,000 mark, many people are left wondering why this state of affairs continues to accelerate.
I’m not usually lost for words but even I was hunting for the best way to express my thoughts on these topics.
Then I realised dear editor, that your paper had already done it for us.
The headline for your article on page three of the same edition says it all–“Cash trumps ethics”.
Jan degroote
Arthur Road, Hamilton Hill

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