Shed assured

MELVILLE is finally getting a new Men’s Shed.

After spending five years looking for a suitable site, the council has approved a peppercorn lease for a Men’s Shed’s on Bob Gordon Reserve in Bull Creek.

The shed, situated between the Bull Creek Tennis clubrooms and Parry Avenue, would be around 25m x 18m.

The site was selected for its ample space, and for being more than 80 metres away from residential homes and close to transport and parking.

The lease (maximum of 21 years) needs to be rubber-stamped by WA’s lands minister, and WA Men’s Shed will cover the construction costs.

“I would expect it will take the best part of a year to get a shed open if everything falls into place,” says WA Men’s Sheds president Trevor Taylor.

• Winston Marsh and WA Men’s Sheds president Trevor Taylor. File photo

“The next step will be to hold another meeting to gauge interest and elect another steering committee to progress the financing and building of a shed given that there are no further objections or requirements to reserve the site selected at Bob Gordon Reserve for other uses.”

The reserve is also used by the Bull Creek Scouts Association, the BMX Association and the tennis club.

The council is also considering building a new playspace at the reserve, but officers noted that the shed would not impact the location of the proposed playground.

The city hopes the new Men’s Shed will be regularly used by about 100 members and associated groups.

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