Factional friction?

ANOTHER “Labor-aligned” candidate Robbie Bruce has joined the race for Cockburn’s central ward, prompting rumours of a factional split in the party.

At next month’s council election Mr Bruce will go up against Georgina Tagliaferri, who is also aligned with WA Labor and daughter of former Fremantle mayor Peter Tagliaferri.

• Robbie Bruce.

Party line

While Ms Tagliaferri “absolutely supports a working harbour in Freo”, Mr Bruce is “toeing the party line” and backs the Kwinana Outer Harbour and is a staunch opponent of Roe 8.

He is also campaigning on safety and security for seniors, supporting local volunteer and sporting groups, and “keeping our young people engaged and active”.

“Cockburn city has great community focused groups, fantastic community and sporting facilities, with many spacious public reserves,” Mr Bruce says.

“The jewel in the crown is our magnificent Wetlands which must be maintained for our diverse wildlife to thrive. It would be a great honour to build upon this.”

Mr Bruce has been involved with the local community for years, collecting food donations with his wife Jean and distributing them to charities and homeless shelters. He’s also volunteered as a coach for the past 30 years at junior and senior soccer clubs in Cockburn, Melville and Fremantle.


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