Burning bridges

• Rosemary Waldron-Hartfield fought back tears as she explained the toll developments around Canning Bridge were having on her family and their finances.

ABOUT 100 people attended a rally on Jeff Josephson reserve in Applecross last Sunday as disquiet over high density around Canning Bridge grows.

Organised by mayoral candidate George Gear’s team, the crowd heard Applecross and Mt Pleasant were poised to shoulder more than their fair share of the state government’s infill targets.

Mr Gear said by his calculation the precinct could reachae a 10-storey precinct.

“It will affect 40 properties,” Mr Burns told the crowd.

“The current mayor promised no New York skyline when he was trying to get re-elected in 2015.


“Have a look at Canning Bridge and see if you think he kept that promise.”

Lawyer Rosemary Waldron-Hartfield had to fight back tears as she described how the developments, which have delivered generous profits to the big players, had financially gutted her family.

“We tried to sell our house…the value had dropped $300,000 to $400,000 and we have not had a single offer when people find out we are going to have 15-storey apartments next door,” Ms Waldron-Hartfield said.

Under zoning rules, Ms Waldron-Hartfield wouldn’t be able to build something that cast a large shadow over her neighbours’ yards, but she stands to lose all her winter sunlight when the development goes ahead.

“When we rang the council to query this, they basically said the codes no longer apply because the rights of another zone now trump ours,” she said.

Ms Waldron-Hatfield said despite the size of the development, it was ready to be pushed through by Melville’s planners until local councillor Nick Pazzoli intervened to drag it before councillors.

To cheers from the crowd, she said this was the only way she was able to get her views heard.

“This has come about by stealth–it’s stacked against the resident,” she said.


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