A Fling’s a good thing

THEY were once the undisputed kings of Freo’s folk music scene, and now The Fling are reuniting for the Fremantle Long Table Dinner on November 28.

In the late 90s The Fling were one of the few local bands able to sell-out a double Friday/Saturday gig and were often away touring far-flung lands, and the Long Table gig brings back their most successful line-up.

It includes Ormonde Waters, Dave Johnson, John Cope, Suzanne Harris, Richard Saunders and Reuben Kooperman.

“We really value the support St Pats gives to the homeless of Fremantle and are excited to be part of this unique event,” says guitarist Dave Johnson, who’s been a driving force in organising the charity’s Starlight Hotel Choir 

“What was it like being in Fremantle – centre of the universe – and being in one of the best folk bands in Fremantle of the time?

• Jon Cope, Dave Johnson and Ormonde Waters are hoping a little tucker and some Celtic tunes can help Freo’s homeless. Photo by Steve Grant

Damn good fun

“It was just damn good fun; really, really good fun.”

Mandolin supremo Jon Cope’s memories of the Celtic fun were also good, if not quite as sharp.

“I’m just having a flood of memories now – they’re awash with Guinness,” he joked.

Joining the Fling will be another big Freo success story; John Butler and his partner Mama Kin, while the choir will be singing its heart out and Circus WA and Wasamba will ensure colour and noise on the night.

This year’s long table will cater for 1200 diners stretched along High Street; a new picnic section has sold out, but there still some seats left in the premium seats.

“It is so heart-warming to be part of a community that gets behind those less fortunate and this event makes a huge difference to our capacity to provide support,” said St Pats CEO Michael Piu.

Tickets are available from fremantlelongtable.com.au


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