Fun take on health

HEALTHY eating books can be often be a bit preachy and didactic.

But humorous illustrations and cartoons by Fremantle artists ensure a new eat-well tome is entertaining and educational.

Written by Matthew Simpson, Eat Well Be Well: Manage Inflammation, Manage Your Health is chock-full of recipes and advice on how to avoid a stodgy western diet.

The book’s cartoons were done by North Fremantle’s Tim Swarbrick and the illustrations  by Fremantle’s Kerry Beazley.

Beazley says the book’s slightly humorous, easy-going prose influenced her illustrations.

“I was trying not just to decorate, but replicate the light, slightly whimsical tone of voice so the illustrations didn’t detract from the message but rather add to it,” she says.

“We ended up going for a bright colourful style not typical of me, but one that matched Matt Simpson’s words.”

Beazley says she isn’t normally a food illustrator, but the book aligned with a lot of research she had done after long-term health issues.

“I grieved with the text: I found when I was illustrating it confirmed all of the research I had previously done.”

The book includes sections on why diet matters; crash courses in nutrition, gut health and digestion; and how diet and lifestyle factors interact.

Moore & Moore Cafe owner Simon Naber says the book is a great resource and he is considering incorporating some of the ideas into his menu.

Eat Well Be Well will be launched at Moore & Moore Cafe on November 24.

The book will be available in local shops including New Edition Bookshop and Peaches Fresh Food Market.


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