Council targets hi-rises

THE new-look Melville council led by mayor George Gear has wasted no time in tackling the controversial hi-rises at Canning Bridge.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, councillors backed Cr Nick Pazolli’s motion for a “full review” of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan, which has led to buildings up to 30 storeys in a 15-storey zone, via discretionary bonus heights awarded to developers.

Melville council CEO Martin Tieleman has been told to immediately commence and expedite the review, and undertake stakeholder and community consultation.

Mr Gear is pushing for the review to be completed by October next year, which may require the city to hire external staff.

The review is set to be mostly funded by the reallocation of funds from the Strategic Urban Planning project.

Cr Pazolli’s motion states that post-election council “now has a strong mandate to proceed to expedite changes to the CBACP…as rapidly as possible”.

He says they now have the numbers on council to push through their changes.

“Now we’ve got direct control; we’re going to move the necessary motions to get the plan reviewed as quickly as possible.”

Mr Gear said the council would be “putting forward a very forceful position” to the WA Planning Commission once it had completed the review.

He said, if necessary, the council would then petition the planning minister to get their changes approved.

Community dissatisfaction with the CBACP led to a 37.31 per cent voter turnout at last month’s Melville council election, among the highest in WA.


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