Driver T-boned

• A motorcycle rider was allegedly drunk and overtaking cars in the wrong lane when he crashed into a young woman’s car. Photos by Charlie McGovern.

A MOTORBIKE rider allegedly blew over the limit after causing a crash that took out part of a low fence along South Terrace last Thursday around 6pm.

The rider was apparently slowed down by banked-up traffic along the popular strip, which is being touted for a 40kmh speed limit, when he decided to cross into the oncoming lane to go around them.

As he passed the slow-moving vehicles, one of the cars attempted to to turn right into Silver Street, leaving him no time to react.

The motorcycle rider T-boned the young driver, hitting the driver’s side door with tremendous force before crashing through the fence of a corner house.

The rider sustained multiple injuries including a fractured arm. The driver of the car was shocked but uninjured.


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