Big approval

A HOME so big it was listed in Fremantle council’s planning attachments as “three storey” has been given the green light across the road from Dick Lawrence Oval in Beaconsfield.

Destined for a rear battle-axe block on Lefroy Road, the home initially featured fully self-contained guest quarters in a loft. That sat atop a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-storey home with a home gym, office and parents retreat replete with dining room, store and bar.

But after two neighbours objected to a three-storey precedent in the predominantly single-storey area, and the impact it would have on their privacy, the proponents dropped the kitchenette and one window from the loft as well as reducing its size so it’s a bit more tucked into the roofline.


Even so, the council’s planners needed assurances it was intended as “one large family home” as it resembled “a number of self-contained dwellings”.

The planners also reassured concerned neighbours the home wasn’t an example of the council’s Freo Alternative; its 427 square metres of living space and double garage dwarfs the 100 square metres  allowed under the city’s tiny houses revolution.

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