Fatberg warning

• Don’t flush oil down the sink (top), and Water Corp workers search for a fatberg in Fremantle earlier this year (bottom).

CHRISTMAS cheer can become a new year disaster if fat and oils are flushed down the sink, says Water Corporation’s Clare Lugar.

The gluggy mess congeals as it cools, causing solid fat balls to form in water pipes.

“Blockages can lead to wastewater backing up in our system and possibly overflowing into your house, street or nearby park,” Ms Lugar says.

Every day Water Corp collects more than 400 million litres of wastewater from homes, businesses and industry, via 17000km of mains.


“We can’t always see the fatbergs and blockages in our system, until an overflow occurs,” Ms Lugar says.

“Responding, repairing and cleaning up overflows caused by fat blockages is expensive and time consuming for our crews, and distressing for property owners.”

Earlier this year Water Corp workers had to block off Cliff Street and search for a fatberg, after dunnies backed up at the Chook and the WA shipwrecks museum in Freo’s West End.

The solution is simple: “Trap the fat in a sealed container and bin it; don’t pour it down the sink,” says Ms Lugar.

The extra effort will mean the only jolly man visiting your house this festive season will be wearing a red suit and bearing gifts.

To find out more go to watercorporation.com.au/flush


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