Hot and healthy

IF someone asked me to get up at 5am to assume an excruciating crab-like pose in a 40-degree room with over-bearing humidity, I’d probably have to mull it over.

But according to Hot For Yoga studio owner Holly Ord,  there’s a raft of health benefits from doing Bikram yoga.

“It’ll increase your flexibility, it’ll increase your strength… it’s good for your overall mental wellbeing,” she says.

“It’s good for weight loss, toning and strengthening. It’s good for relaxation…it’s good for stress and anxiety reduction.”

We’re not finished, yet:

“It increases your determination, so it builds mental strength. It increases self confidence, it improves your metabolic function, we do work around digestion…increases joint mobility and your range of motion…increases energy levels, improves sleep cycles, it detoxifies the body…all injuries but especially back pain…it’ll improve your balance.”

• Hot For Yoga studio owner Holly Ord.

Ms Ord says she uses far infrared light in her Jandakot studio, and claims Bikram yoga “offers the same sort of benefits as a sauna”. 

The room is heated to 40 degrees and 40 per cent humidity for her 90-minute classes, where participants do 26 postures, and breathing exercises.

The far infrared light removes 20 per cent more toxins and waste products than any other source of heat, according to Ms Ord.

It also boosts the immune system, increases blood flow, collagen production, cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure.

“It also builds your mental strength. The idea is, if you’re struggling, you struggle for 90 minutes in class, so you don’t struggle for 90 years outside class. The heat does make it tough, but it’s the bit that’ll keep you coming back”.

There is a welcoming vibe at Hot For Yoga, with first timers advised to “arrive well hydrated, wear loose comfy clothing and come with no expectations”.

“We always say do the best you can with the body you have that day…and then come back as soon as you can”, adds Ms Ord.

“I think our oldest student is 78. It is for people struggling with fitness up to elite athletes and everyone in between.”

If that all sounds a bit too much, Hot For Yoga offers remedial, relaxation and pregnancy massage, and chiropractor services.


Hot For Yoga,
Unit 4/18
Biscayne Way, Jandakot

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