Back on target

• Orissa Kelly’s special bow was stolen in Fremantle, now the performer’s sweating on its replacement arriving before opening night. Photo supplied.

FIRING a flaming arrow from your feet into a target while doing a handstand is pretty amazing, but Fringe World archer Orissa Kelly should get a standing ovation just for making opening night.

The internationally renowned performer’s unique bow was stolen from her car in Fremantle on Sunday, putting her appearance at the Fringe smash hit Fuego Carnal in doubt.

Despite trawling through Gumtree and stalking pawnshops, Kelly told the Herald on Thursday there’d been no sign of her bow so she had to get another made in the UK.

It was due to arrive in Perth at midday yesterday (Friday January 17) – just hours before Fuego Carnal’s preview night.

“I’ve been tracking it like a hawk, and can confirm that it got put on the plane at Gatwick,” a semi-relieved Kelly said.

But assuming it gets through Customs without a hitch (Kelly says she gets some pretty curious looks while travelling with her bow), the acrobat then has to put it together herself.

“It could take up to two hours,” she says.

With the countdown to the opening getting closer, she then has to try to get a practice in before donning her costume and make-up for the show’s first performance.

Kelly says she’s had to mime her way through rehearsals, which has given the rest of the cast a few giggles.

“You have to laugh, though, don’t you,” she said.

“It’s going to be the biggest challenge of my career,” she said of opening night, “but if I pull it off it will really show me what I’m capable of.”

Although the “nearly four digit” price tag for a new bow is a huge blow to a performer even of her calibre, Kelly said she was simply amazed at how she’s been able to get a replacement made and sent from England in less than a week.

“When I had my last bow made, I sat down with the maker, it was a whole process and took months,” she said.

“This is just amazing.”

Kelly said she’d had her lost bow since she first took up archery as a youngster, and she felt “like a child that’s lost their teddy”.

A footbow isn’t much use to anyone else, so if you’ve spotted some twit with a weird new ornament hanging on the wall call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Meanwhile, give Kelly some support by packing out Dream State Circus’s Fuego Carnal, which is playing at Empyrean at Yagan Square until February 16. Tickets range from $36-$65 from


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