Close shave

• Amanda Norton and her daughter Charli Mackin nearly got taken out by a car trying to cross the Hampton Road/South Street intersection. Photo by Steve Grant

A MOTHER who almost got skittled on Hampton Road while holding her three-year-old daughter has called on Main Roads andFremantle council to speed up proposed changes to make it safer.

Amanda Norton said she used the pedestrian button at the intersection of Hampton and South Street while trying to cross with her daughter Charli recently, but it didn’t stop a car coming within centimetres of them.

The button gives pedestrians a few moments to get into the intersection before the lights turn green, with motorists supposed to give way and allow them to cross.

But in this instance, a right-turning bus blocked the view of a car in the outside lane, and with no timer telling her how long she had left to cross, Ms Norton was just stepping past the bus when the lights turned green and the car took off.

Both she and the driver came away with no more than a big shock, but she says the intersection is unacceptably dangerous.

“So I rang Main Roads and they said it was a council issue, and I rang the council and they said ‘we should not have to spend the money as it’s a Main Roads issue’,” a frustrated Ms Norton told the Herald.

She says the intersection should have lights for turning vehicles to avoid the problem she encountered, but says Hampton Road is full of horror spots for pedestrians.

“I’m worried someone is going to get hurt or killed and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already,” she said.

She contacted the Friends of Hampton and Ord, a lobby group that’s been pushing for changes along the road for three years.

FoHO member Julie Murphy responded that there were changes in the wings, but while Fremantle council was sympathetic to the group’s concerns, Main Roads remained “one of the biggest obstacles” because of its powers of veto over the council.


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