Cool cuisine

THE best omelette I’ve ever had was at The Cool Room Cafe, a hidden gem tucked away on Holland Street in Fremantle.

The sharpness of the taleggio cheese has been hardwired into my brain ever since.

Unfortunately the omelette was no longer on the menu when I recently visited, but the French toast ($17) made up for it.

Swimming in maple syrup, the long-fingers of eggy toast had just the right amount of crunchiness, while the berry compote was a pleasant tart contrast.

D’Angerous Dave, somewhat predictably, ordered poached eggs on toast with mushrooms ($19).

He was struck by how the simple dish varies from eatery to eatery.

This version was sophisticated and came with a Moroccan-style salad and half an avocado.

“It’s like a Middle Eastern poached egg; the mushrooms are good and the dukkah is great on top,” he said.

Popeye would have been impressed at how quickly one of our breakfast companions wolfed down the creamy spinach, which had a liberal lacing of nutmeg ($23).

“It’s creamy and tastes so fresh,” she said.

“It brought back childhood memories and I liked that the egg was hidden under the spinach…a bit like a Kinder egg surprise.”

Our other friends went for the grilled haloumi salad ($24).

The meal was balanced on huge fingers of toast like a culinary version of Tetris. Hidden under the slabs of grilled haloumi was a perfectly poached egg sprinkled with dukkah, a generous slab of avocado and a beetroot salad.

Overall the dish was great – the avo was fresh and creamy and the salad tasty, but they thought the cheese was a bit overcooked.

“But I like that it’s a big portion and the bread was very, very good.”

Some great soy lattes and hot chocolates (all $4.50) ended a great breakfast.

The eatery’s car park is set to become a pop-up cinema on Friday March 6.

The first screening is Bastardy, with Jack Charles and film maker Amil Courtney. Film and dinner is $30 per person.

There are also regular Moroccan nights. Check the cafe’s Facebook page for dates.


The Cool Room Cafe
114 Holland Street, Fremantle

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