Sail of the century

IRONICALLY, Carl Girolamo hates repairing boats.

“I started off making boats and doing boat repairs,” says the Extreme X Sailmakers co-owner, “but I lasted about a week – I hated it,” he laughs.

“I like the creativity you can have with sail making, you can experiment so much.”

Along with co-owner Dave White, they have made and repaired sails and boat covers for more than 20 years.

Extreme X Sailmakers was originally based in Fremantle, but high rents forced them to recently relocate to Jandakot.

The Chook visited the sail-making experts in their new sprawling workshop, which was awash with industrial sowing machines.

“Essentially everything that we make is done right here in the workshop, “ Mr Girolamo says.

“We even have a second floor up above with more of the same stuff.”

Mr Girolamo says they have a large client base in the Fremantle area, with many customers staying loyal to Extreme X Sailmakers for years.

“We do a few deliveries each week to Fremantle, dropping off repaired or new sails for customers along with picking up damaged sails. We even get clients from the far ends of the state; right from Albany to places up north”

The company also sponsors high profile sailors competing in national and international races.

“They mostly want things like free sail bags and gear; I’m happy enough to give away some gear”.

Mr Girolamo and Mr White have a huge passion for sailing, and it’s probably this passion that has ensured their business has thrived for more than two decades.

Extreme X Sailmakers
Biscayne Way, Jandakot


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