Her number’s up

COCKBURN has dropped suspended councillor Lee-Anne Smith’s suggestion of offering number plates with the city’s logo.

Cr Smith suggested back in April last year that the council look into personalised number plates, with the aim of fostering local pride and promoting the city.

But a report to the council’s February meeting noted that while country folk loved promoting their towns, city slickers weren’t so keen on forking out around $300 for the privilege.

• Councillor Lee-Anne Smith.

Fremantle council hasn’t sold one of its personalised plates in more than 18 months, Melville couldn’t remember its last sale, while Mandurah gave up trying.

Cockburn city council used to offer personalised plates, but it was phased out in the late 1990s/early 2000s due to low take-up. 

That might have been fortuitous given the plates carried the initials CCC and might have become a permanent reminder of a Corruption and Crime Commission investigation into the city’s mayor less than a decade later. Since then the council has rebranded as the City of Cockburn…

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