Hilton buzzing

HILTON residents have been buzzing with joy after the state government announced their suburb would get underground power.

Local resident Greg said it would “make the area look and feel better”, while another local, Helen, said underground power would be “an amazing development”.

Hiltonites have often complained about being a “forgotten suburb” but in this case it’s actually worked in their favour.

The power poles in the post-war built suburb are mostly past their use-by date.

Western Power has replaced the poles in a number of the city’s other suburbs, but recently decided it might be cheaper in the long run to go straight to underground power.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said: “The City of Fremantle is excited about the potential for underground power in Hilton and pleased to be chosen as one of the four local governments invited to participate in this trial.

“Underground power would provide a number of benefits to Hilton residents, ranging from improved public safety and visual amenity through to the potential to upgrade to energy efficient LED street lighting.”

Dr Pettitt said he didn’t know how much it would cost to switch to underground power in Hilton.

“It’s still early days and there are still a lot of the details to be worked out, but this could be a great opportunity for the City and the residents of Hilton”.

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