Our natural state

Anna DeLany and Nick French on their Tuckfield Street balcony. Photos by Donna Fortune.

GETTING comfy in your trackies is becoming the new norm for people stuck at home, but is this how you’d want to be captured for posterity?

Local photographer Donna Fortune is about to find out, as she’s on the hunt to capture images of people in their natural state as they’ve hibernated through the Coronavirus confinement.

Ms Fortune was inspired by The Front Steps Project in the US, to create her own Socially Distanced Photo Project, capturing the the lives of families and individuals through safe distancing photographs. 

“The premise is going around capturing people in their front yard,” Ms Fortune said. “It is entirely up to them how they want to be photographed.” 

Ms Fortune took to Instagram to promote her project and look for volunteers. 

While she says social distancing presents its own challenges to a photographer, as there’ll be no studio lighting and her compositions will be limited by not being able to cross the threshhold, it’s a project that’s captured her imagination.

“It’s a feel good, a bit of fun, a way to document this moment in history,” she said.

Anna DeLany, a long-time Instagram friend of Ms Fortune, joined the project and extended the invitation to her neighbours in her Fremantle cul-de-sac. 

“We have a WhatsApp connection on the street,” 

Ms DeLany said. “So I put the message out there to anyone interested in being photographed.”’

So far, six families on Tuckfield Street have signed up to be part of Ms Fortune’s project. 

“It’s fun and something to do while in lockdown,” Ms DeLany said. 

“It’s nice to participate in activities with neighbours.” 

You can find Ms Fortune’s photographs on her Instagram @donna_fortune_photography 


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