May Day convoy

Honk if you love workers: Hundreds of cars filled Freo’s streets after the May Day parade was cancelled. Photo by Deanna Corrieri.

FREO’S annual May Day parade was cancelled this year, but workers found a way around social distancing laws to have their big celebration.

Honks and cheers could be heard through the streets as unionists and blue-collared workers drove through the streets of Fremantle, with flags hanging from a couple of hundred cars along the parade’s normally route. 

Simon Stokes from CFMEU said no one really organised it.

“We just had an idea to meet and then drive around,” he said.

Though the May Day convoy happened days after the City of Fremantle stood down dozens of workers, Mr Stokes said there was no connection between the the parade and the council.

“It is a really important day in our calendar,” Mr Stokes said. “It is our proudest day.”

“The parade is coincidently in Fremantle, and always has been. It wasn’t a protest – it was a celebration of unions and workers.”

Some still found it an opportunity to convey their anger at the council, with one man shouting out from his car: “Shame on the City of Fremantle for standing down its workers!”


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