Shelters disappear

HILTON bus users are up in arms over the loss of seven bus shelters from the 160 route.

The Public Transport Authority has been upgrading shelters on the route between Hampton and Stock Roads to bring them up to universal access standards, but found the seven shelters in poor condition and little used.

The PTA is only upgrading four other shelters, raising kerb heights to match hydraulic ramps on buses, and adding tactile pavers and hand rails. It’s picking up the tab, which is normally a council’s responsibility, and will put back one shelter that was in reasonable nick.

But Freo council won’t replace the other shelters.

“PTA data showed that over a two-week period (prior to Covid-19) each of the seven stops average five or less passengers per day,” a council spokesperson said.

“The city will arrange for benches to be installed at these stops, but the cost of installing replacement shelters can’t be justified due to the low patronage.”

But Hilton resident Susan is incensed.

“It might not seem like a big deal, but when it’s your only form of transport, and with public transport being promoted as an environmental option, patrons are being made to wait at stops in the rain, wind and sun,” she said.

“I see elderly people in wheelchairs trying to juggle umbrellas and shopping, and getting soaking wet.”

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