Road to recovery

WE couldn’t track down a more deserving winner in the first round of the Herald’s local business stimulus package than The Chart & Map Shop – even if we had one of their great maps.

Since opening in Fremantle 25 years ago, The Chart & Map Shop has built up a dedicated and loyal customer base with their brilliant service and products.

In an age of rapidly-changing technology and GPS, one thing has remained constant – The Chart & Map Shop’s friendly approach and unbeatable knowledge.

As well as maps and charts, the shop also sells globes, gifts and gadgets, vintage posters, and books on a wide range of hobbies including surfing, cruising, sailing, boat maintenance and gardening.

They also held a pirate book club for kids on Saturday mornings.

Located in their trademark bright blue building on Collier Street until early this year, they have now relocated to 70 High Street.

They were the Fremantle winners in the Herald’s local business stimulus package, and will receive a free marketing campaign.

Other competition winners include Zone Gifts on Ardross Street in Applecross, nominated by Margaret Stockton.

“Great service from Peter and Paul with a wide range of gifts and complimentary gift wrapping,” she told the Herald.

In Cockburn, Chris Brookes nominated the Pear Tree Cafe on Kerry Street in Hamilton Hill: “For their great care of us, the community, and of each other. Kindness is cool “

The Chart and Map Shop was nominated by local Elly Spillekom (right), who is originally from Holland and first visited the shop 20 years ago while holidaying in Western Australia. 

She went in to buy a tourist map and was struck by how knowledgeable and friendly the staff were.

The shop clearly left an impression and any time she returned to Freo she went back there and was pleased to find the service and products were as good as ever.

Ms Spillekom eventually moved to the port city seven years ago and can often be found volunteering locally at the Shipwrecks Museum.

“I always buy local and do my best to support independent businesses in Fremantle,” she says.

“The Chart and Map shop staff always make you feel super welcome and that is very important. 

“This town is all about history and heritage, and The Chart and Map Shop has been here for decades and is now part of that.“ 

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