Letters 8.8.20

Vagued out

YOUR piece on “Army exercise a real scream for kids” (Herald, August 1, 2020) finally lets neighbours close to the old TAFE, opposite Bruce Lee Oval, know where the explosions were coming from. 

“Vague” is the operative word for the military’s information: how many of us hearing LOUD explosions would think to look at the military web page? 

All the police could tell us was that it was exercises going on until 8pm. Neighbours within 400 metres were not informed and yet the sound waves were strong enough to be felt vague enough?

Adding to that police held exercises at the the TAFE site on Thursday morning, including TRG I assume given the weaponry being carried by officers. 

Clearly it is an ideal site providing a restaurant, offices, class rooms, etc. Can we also assume that damage was caused by the explosions as there is heavy equipment removing material from the rear of the building – or are the vague brigade just getting in and helping with the demolition?

Jim Meckelburg
Davies St, Beaconsfield

Desperately seeking…

HAVE been searching all freezing week, for the barefoot, pink Doona bloke, to give him Ugg Boots. 

He is usually near the Freo Markets before 7am.

Any suggestions folks?

Suzanne John.
High Street, Fremantle


SHOCKED to see the fluff piece on the front page of the Herald; how does the council get applauded for years of neglect of the most important piece of Western Australian heritage they are responsible for?

It’s been caged for years, and after being called out by other politicians and publicly embarrassed, they come up with about a quarter of what’s needed for basic maintenance, which they needed a loan to do. 

They have known for a decade this area needed restoration, now it’s in need of emergency repairs.

It’s these years of financial mismanagement that have seen basic maintenance neglected in the city.

The city has an asset management plan that cost ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and they just ignore it while wasting money on complete rubbish. Remember the yellow paint fiasco!

Possibly why the city has the worst financial position out of all councils in metro WA.

I thought the Herald cared more about Fremantle heritage? 

It needs to be calling council out, not doing a promo piece covering up neglect of heritage locations, like Arthur Head

The heading should have been “Where is Round House cash”?

White Gum Valley
The Ed says:
While the Chook’s not a lobbyist, we do love our heritage and have carried dozens of articles, letters and Thinking Allowed contributions critical of the council and WA government’s stewardship of Arthur Head over the last few years. Last week’s news was that money had been made available for some upgrades. Now we turn our attention to how it’s spent, and if there’s any suggestions it’s been squandered, we’ll be back in there boots and all. And one small correction; Vincent council tanked this year on the state government’s financial indicators and now has the dubious honour of being equal last with Freo.

You’ve mini’d us enough

SEEN observing children using Point Walter mini golf last Saturday (August 1, 2020) was Fremantle mayor Brad Pettit.

I hope Dr Pettit does not think that the refurbished Fremantle Public Golf Course needs a mini golf facility. 

While he was at Point Walter he may have observed that the course has parking areas (several). 

The council plans for Fremantle Public Golf Course, when it is redeveloped, do not show any provision for parking. 

It is presumed that users will park on Montreal Street and lug their equipment on the side of the road to the course. 

Meetings between councillors and clubs that use Fremantle Public Course have informed the councillors that parking facilities are an absolute must. 

Hopefully the message will get through that golfers drive to Fremantle Public Golf Course and need somewhere to park.

Graham M
Jay Secretary/Treasurer
Royal George Golf Club

We’re over the fence

THE fence line at John Curtin College is being extended now, not to the aggressive extent proposed by the school last December, but the compromise result following community protest is still a performance of control over the open space that squanders the school’s social capital just to mark more parking space.

Thanks to the Herald, councillors from the City of Fremantle, the local member, and importantly to all who took the time to engage with this issue. 

You know who you are; and you number far more than the fatuous miss-truth from the Education Department that “four people complained“.

That process of public review is important. We can only guard the common wealth of our environment  by standing to make our point.

We have not necessarily been served well by legalisms that the open space is exclusively the school’s to manage. 

The heritage of that special area, and indeed all open space that generations of our neighbourhoods enjoy, needs protection and scrutiny that extends well beyond the title of public property boundaries.

Jo Taylor & Alan Ross
Ellen & Holland Sts Fremantle

An idea not wasted

I OFTEN give the Fremantle council more brickbats than bouquets, but the hazardous waste collection at Beach Street car park was an excellent idea and I am sure that it will have paid dividends as far as the separation of these items from general waste.

Congrats to the council.

Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

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