Music made in heaven

THE Fremantle Chamber Orchestra is bursting to put the Covid pandemic behind it and an audience in front. 

In its first concerts since lockdown in April, the FCO will celebrate its 15th anniversary this coming weekend with some heavenly classics and Covid-safe seating in two settings where the music will resonate with the history and the architecture and a grateful audience.

The concerts are Saturday October 17 at St Patrick’s Basilica in Fremantle and Sunday October 18 at the Redemptorist Monastery in Vincent St, North Perth.

FCO director and founder Hans Hug said there was “an exceptionally beautiful program” highlighting JC Bach’s rarely played Symphony in G minor and Mozart’s exquisite Flute Concerto K313 featuring Michael Howell. 

In addition there is the “ephemeral” Elegy for String Orchestra ‘In Memorium 

Rupert Brooke’ by little known Australian composer Frederick Septimus Kelly who died in World War I. 


In contrast to Kelly’s elegy is the dramatic and energetic 3rd Symphony in G minor by forgotten Beethoven contemporary Leopold Koželuch followed by Arnold Schoenberg’s late Romantic Notturno for Violin and Harp, which FCO director Hans Hug promises will provide a tender “Ahhh” finale.

The FCO has a well-earned reputation for carefully compiling a thoughtful program rich in musical surprises and enjoyment.

It’s also an opportunity for music lovers to support FCO’s musicians, who lost income as performances vanished and suffered music ‘starvation’. 

The anniversary concerts are also an act of determination by Hug and FCO to propel the orchestra forward into an uncertain future with an appreciation of all things beautiful. 

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