Super snaps

Indian girl by Anna Burke

A STUNNING exhibition of amateur photography opens at The Kidogo Arthouse on Thursday (October 15).

Featuring everything from drone shots to thought-provoking portraits, the Perth Amateur Photo Exhibition has 150 diverse snaps on display.

Exhibitor Anna Burke, who moved to Fremantle five years ago and lives in South Beach Estate, captured an intimate photo of a toddler in a tiny village on the outskirts of Jaipur in northern India. The area is rarely visited by tourists.

“The baby has the kohl or charcoal around her eyes,” Burke says. “I was told this is applied to strengthen the child’s eyes and also to prevent the child from being cursed by the evil eye.

“I walked into the village with my camera and the baby’s father came running towards me asking me to take a photo and then was delighted to look at it in the viewfinder. The baby is very loved.” Other photographers took shots closer to home, including Joel Walker, who captured a broody black and white photo of the Roundhouse.

Walker grew up in White Gum Valley and attended South Fremantle High school before moving away, but clearly still has an emotional tie to the port city.

Drummer by Caris Morcombe

If you prefer something a bit more action-packed, then Caris Morcombe captures the frenetic energy of a live rock performance, including a wild drummer pounding the skins.

There’s some cracking photos of exotic international locations and wildlife in the exhibition, including a beautiful pic of an iridescent parrot fish by Kathleen Wilton, and David Mierowsky’s striking shot of three Ethiopian women in headdresses. 

The Perth Amateur Photo Exhibition is on from October 15 to  October 21 at the Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach in Fremantle.


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