Shed hits 15

Liz Wilkes gets some tips from John the Pom at the Menshed.

THE Fremantle Men’s Community Shed is celebrating its 15th anniversary today (Saturday October 17) with an open day.

Starting from 10am there’ll be tours of the wood and metal workshops, Shed Shop, music, art and craft rooms as well as the vegie gardens.

President Mark Thomas said the shed had come a long way since 30 blokes turned up to the first day at the Fremantle Pigeon Racing Club in White Gum valley in February 2005.

He says nowadays women come down for mixed sessions, while the sheddies have helped almost a generation of at-risk kids learn some new skills and keep on the straight and narrow.

The shed was the first of its kind in WA, and now has a purpose-built facility on Hilton Reserve with a membership of 320 including 45 women.

The open day will also include live music, a sausage sizzle and wood fired pizzas, sales of power and hand tools, and bibs and bobs made by the sheddies will be available at the Shed Shop.

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