Field studies

Field studies

I WAS educated in England and I lived in rural towns with populations ranging from 12,000 to 20,000. 

During spring time and prior to the summer school holidays, high schools closed for one week which enabled students to assist with the harvest. 

The week was generally known as, Harvest Week although different regions (council areas) had their own definitions such as, Hay Timing and Potato Week.

As high school students my friends and I would cycle to designated farms and orchards to assist growers with their produce, from field to packing shed. 

Outlying farms would sometimes provide transport to their properties and growers paid us a few ‘bob’ which made it all worthwhile. Getting out of school and earning good pocket money was a great incentive. 

In this time of need and agricultural urgency, do we have an untapped labour force in our rural student population? 

A temporary solution perhaps but our kids are a valuable, responsible resource already demonstrated by the sons and daughters of farmers who school during the day and help farm at night and at weekends during planting and reaping. 

We are at war with this virus and our duty and responsibility is to help each other.

Chris Palmer – Songwriter,
Cleopatra St, Palmyra

Replace it?

ONCE demolished, is there any need to replace the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge?

Our engineers, architects and traffic planners surely could come up with a good plan of redeveloping the existing Stirling Bridge. Duplication of lanes in a similar way to the expansion of the Narrows Bridge, plus imaginative thinking on flyovers/crossovers at the southern end to connect to Canning Highway, is possible.

I’m sure our planners would smile at the challenge.

It is possible to even have an open contest calling for public submissions to get the best possible outcome.

I think the residents of North Fremantle would welcome getting rid of through traffic and the opportunity to enhance their lives by redevelopment of the suburb.

There would be many other thoughts out there to be aired.

Glen Fruin
ex-North Freo

More or less

LESS is more, much more.

Why can’t we just have less people or a sustainable human population limit policy.

Seriously, why can’t the world have a sustainable human population limit policy? Anyone!

Do we have to wipe out the Earth like a big cancer?

Then what?

Brad Capes
Prospero Cres, Coolbellup

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