Maxed-out art

Art Max co-owner Tracy-Ann Morris. Photo by Emina Hajdarevic

A NEW gallery “Art Marx” has opened on High Street in Fremantle’s West End. 

Owners James and Tracy-Ann Morris say they have created an open, modern space for local and iconic Australian artists. 

“We’re quite different to the other galleries in Fremantle because we specialise more in abstract art which not many galleries do in Australia, so our focus is very different,” says Morris, who is an artist.

“We are taking quite a risk in these times, but we know that it’s also a good time to be people decide to invest in art rather than invest in a holiday.

“It’s hard being a new gallery because it takes quite a while to establish yourself and get known, but we’re not expecting to suddenly be flooded with offers to buy all the art in our gallery, so we really need to spend time, and are willing to spend time, to get our name out there and build relationships.”

Morris says she hopes to establish “cultural development relationships” with other artists, galleries and institutions overseas.

For more info on Art Max, situated beside Cafe Roma, go to

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