Jane’s back

Jane Grljusich.

A new era of pioneering promotions

AFTER 20 years in the big wide world, one of our most successful journalists Jane Grljusich is back: this time with a difference. 

Jane, who started her working life as a cadet, has rejoined the Fremantle Herald and Perth Voice in a pioneering new role. 

She is to head up our new premium marketing and promotional advertising service, bringing wide-ranging experience as a fast and expert writer in conjunction with considerable skills in public relations and the digital world.

In these trying economic times, coaxing new customers and clients to any business is a real challenge. 

Especially when many consumers need a very good reason to spend money.

Jane’s professional challenge is to assist businesses to get on the front foot and reach out to new and former customers. 

Jane will confidently showcase any business – its key staff, products or services – in a way that encourages trust and confidence and, most importantly, leads to a good fit between business and client. 

She will also do it in a way that allows the Herald and Voice news outlets to co-brand with businesses we trust, in a way that does not compromise our commitment to accurate and trustworthy news reporting.

Jane’s brief is as wide as you can get. Her amazing experience over two decades of West Australia’s economic boom and bust, with media companies big and small, with people from all walks of life in business and politics means she can put any person or business into a context likely to broaden their appeal. 

And all the while Jane will have a critical eye on all our devoted readers, untold thousands of them. Because, at the end of the day, she will be writing for them and offering key insights into the people and businesses she meets.

This is a real balancing act where key elements will be her strong personal ethics and the huge level of trust built up by the Herald and Voice over 30 years as one of the most trusted local media outlets.

This new service will suit any number of our existing advertisers who each week help bring our trusted news and ethical advertising into homes and business in Fremantle and inner Perth. To keep things simple, we will be using our normal, highly competitive advertising rates as the framework for this new service.

Jane’s talents will suit a range of our existing advertisers in real estate, food, health and beauty, the arts and entertainment, services for seniors and many other walks of business life. 

In addition it will extend to a range of new businesses and activities such as services for young people and sport and any number of things limited only by our imaginations.

This new service may also lead to new opportunities for employment for other photographers, journalists and writers, all of whom right now are having a tough time. 

It will also give a unique opportunity for local businesses to participate with us, also a local business which pays its taxes, employs local people and does not intrude on your privacy, a welcome relief from frenetic social media and the tax-cheating digital giants. 

If you are interested in giving your business a push to the front, call Jane on 9430 7727 or 0417 814 128, or email  jane.grljusich@fremantleherald.com. Or book her through your existing Advertising Consultants Fiona West and Alex Alamango.

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