Letters 28.11.20


I WAS devastated to read that the Hilton IGA – a lovely shop, bit cramped but with great service and product – is to be replaced by Coles, in what appeared to me to be a pretty curt manner by the landowners.

I am fed up with these conglomerates destroying local businesses.

Woolworths did the same in Coobellup and no doubt it is standard operating procedure in large companies. 

That it may be, however it does not seem to be good business practice, except for the shareholders of course. 

Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra
The Ed says:
You weren’t alone, Geoff. Our social media went nuts with people outraged at Gino’s treatment and the loss of a much-loved local supermarket.

Bird flu?

OUR Little Dove: the Duyfken: Another victim of Covid-19?

The WA state government has and is finding what appears to be never ending amounts of money for roads and new home building. 

But in June this year amid the pandemic it decided that our amazing Duyfken replica was not worthwhile to fund? 

And funding has ceased.

If just 14 WA homebuilder grants were given to the Duyfken Foundation, it would cover the entire upkeep of the vessel for a year.

Perth lost the Endeavour to Sydney and now we lose the Duyfken. 

Two amazing ship replicas, both carefully and lovingly built right here. 

Our Little Dove is to leave very quietly with no fanfare. 

With care but in a forlorn, sad way the spars are tethered to the deck and soon she will be ungraciously stacked on a ship for NSW.

What a calamity for Fremantle, the Swan River and all people of Perth. 

We lose another local tourist attraction and a valuable treasure, likely never to be reconstructed here again.

Come on Mr McGowan, surely there is funding for this wonderful ship.

Zoe Inman


WHY is it when we hear about changes that people think need to be made to combat climate change (loss of habitat and extinction of many species they only talk about about trying to deal with the symptoms not the cause of the problem?

Like those who are concerned enough to write an open letter to the premier, no one is brave enough to mention the reason for the crisis.

World massive over-population. 

The world population has increased more the seven-fold in just 100 years; in fact we now have seven times too many people for the planet to support without the loss of most the natural habitat.

It is overpopulation that is driving climate change, extremes of temperature hot and cold, pollution, denuding of rain forests, over-fishing the oceans, increased poverty and the resulting conflict.

None of the items listed in the letter could be sustained for long.

Glynn Franche
Reynolds Rd, Mt Pleasant 

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